Here at GRNSTR, we believe that it is our responsibility to look after and protect our planet; both for ourselves now and for future generations to come. 

We love this incredible world that we live in, and cherish the magical experiences that it affords us. Protective of this invaluable resource, GRNSTR strives to be a forward-focused sustainable brand. We do not want to contribute to the “fast fashion” industry that is so pervasive in the surfing industry. We actively work to steward our resources well and mitigate our impact on the Earth.

Our Products

We purchase controlled and measured product amounts to ensure that our products do not contribute to landfill. We choose to be conservative when investing into our products, to ensure that we keep our inventory management from contributing to landfill.

Our wetsuits are made from 2mm Superlite neoprene that is not derived from petroleum, unlike most other wetsuits in the market. In addition to this, our neoprene is 20% lighter compared to standard neoprene which helps us to reduce the carbon footprint required for the transportation of our products. Furthermore, we have chosen to utilise an aqua-based laminate glue which is both eco-friendly and solvent free.

Our Packaging

Not only do we do our best to ensure we are designing sustainable products, but we work with our partners to ensure that our packaging strategy helps to minimise the waste produced. 

The hang tags attached to each garment are easily recyclable and we choose to ship our products in biodegradable mailing bags to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic.

Our Future

Each day we work to improve and build upon the sustainability foundations we have laid here at GRNSTR. 

There are many ways that both businesses and individuals can evolve to become more sustainable. If you have any suggestions, feedback or comments in regards to sustainability for us here at GRNSTR, please contact us here. We are always striving to learn and grow, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Together, we can create a better and more sustainable community, industry and world. Here is to learning, growing, and making a difference in 2022!

November 09, 2022 — Eliza Greene