Spring is here but the mornings are still fresh and it can be easy to just roll over and press the snooze button in the mornings. Here are my top tips on how you can make the most of each day; starting with optimising your morning routine.

1. Adhere to a Bedtime

Your best tomorrow starts tonight; with a good night’s sleep. Put your phone away before you head to bed in order to reduce the amount of blue-light you’re exposed to before sleep. Take some time to enjoy the practice of getting ready for bed; for me, that’s a warm shower and my skincare routine, and a pair of cute pyjamas.

2. Set an Alarm

You don’t need to be waking up ridiculously early (in fact; 7-8 hours of sleep is ideal!) but giving yourself ample time in the morning allows you time to rest, reset and prepare for the day ahead. Once you’ve had a read through of the rest of these steps, you can estimate how much time you’ll need in the morning and then use this to determine when you should wake up. From there, you can count back and make sure that your bedtime is allowing you sufficient rest.

3. Exercise

Whether it’s a brisk walk around the park with your dog, or a 15 minute stretch online (this is my favourite), or a full-blown gym session, getting in some movement is a fool-proof way to start the day. The increased blood flow will help to wake you up, and ticking this off your daily to-do list will help you to feel good and productive from the get-go!

4. Your Outfit

Laying out your favourite activewear pieces the night before will help you to stay accountable and will make it easier to get out of bed. Choose pieces that you like wearing and which look good together, so that you can feel confident while you’re working out. This will also help you to feel stylish and put-together for the next few steps!

5. Coffee & Goals

Treat yourself to your favourite warm drink and breakfast, make a point of sitting down to enjoy it. While you’re here, instead of scrolling on your phone, take some time to think about the day ahead and jot down some of the key tasks you’d like to achieve today.

6. Practice Gratitude

Each new morning is a blessing and a fresh opportunity! Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come and what you have achieved. If you enjoy journaling, it is a lovely way to clear your mind and set your intention for the day. 

What does your morning routine look like? If you have any tips, we’d love you to let us know so we can add to our list!

October 26, 2022 — Eliza Greene