The world is opening up, plane tickets are being booked, and bags are being packed! If you’re off on a sunny and warm adventure soon, we have collated a checklist of the ultimate items that should be in your bag.

1. Sunscreen

I mean, it goes without saying! We are all learning more and more about the anti-aging benefits of wearing sunscreen and the importance of sun protection, and so of course bringing a good SPF is at the top of our list. 

My absolute favourite SPF (and foundation) is the Ella Bache Great Sunguard SPF40 Foundation. I’ve been using it for fourteen years, and swear by it! Apply it as is, after your skincare routine, or mix it with untinted sunscreen to moderate the coverage. Use my code ELIZA for 10% off at Ella Bache Joondalup in Perth. 

2. Cute Bikini

This one also goes without saying. In fact, they pack up so small that I bet you could easily fit more than one pair! The Desert Tigress Bikini Top and Bikini Bottoms offer the ultimate tanning fit; coverage where you need it and adjustability where you want it.

3. Cute One Piece 

Perfect for the days where you start out at the beach and end up at drinks and dinner, a cute one piece swimsuit can be worn with shorts or a skirt for a comfortable and easy outfit option. The Feline Fierce One Piece is a great flirty and feminine piece that will have you feeling confident and sexy; whether you’re catching a wave or dancing the night away!

4. Aloe Vera

Hopefully you have been diligent with item number one, and this addition to your bag is superfluous. But our winter-skin can sometimes take some time to adjust to the sun when on vacation, so a back-up tube of aloe vera is always a wise choice.

5. Hydration Station

And I don’t just mean a water bottle (although you should bring a reusable one of those, too!) 

It’s critical that you keep your skin super hydrated, both while you’re enjoying your holiday and when you’re flying to-and-from. This Hydrating Mist is the perfect mid-flight moisture top-up, and a great first-step of a nourishing skincare routine. This Serum is my favourite for smoothing skin and keeping blemishes at bay. And, bonus: they’re both under 100mL so you can pack them in your carry-on, and arrive at your vacay destination with dewy and happy skin.

6. Cute Hat & Sunglasses

The OG beach essentials; the easiest way to elevate your look, while also keeping your pretty face protected from the sun's rays! A wide brimmed hat is always a winner, but I’d recommend a fabric one instead of the quintessential straw hat for packability. As for sunnies, bringing a couple different pairs is an excellent (and light, and small) way to add versatility to your style while travelling.

What are your travelling essentials? We would love to know what else you would add to this list!

October 12, 2022 — Eliza Greene