1. PERTH: Mettams Pool

Mettams Pool is a natural lagoon found in Perth’s Northern Beaches. A local favourite, Mettams Pool features a 1.5m deep reef that often experiences glassy and undisturbed conditions, especially in the mornings. 

Mettams Pool is an easily accessible reef, with a huge variety of fish and mollusks that are able to be seen just a few steps from the shore. As a result of its beauty, proximity to Perth and its accessibility, Mettams Pool is very popular. We recommend that you get your snorkelling adventure started early in the morning, to be able to enjoy it on your own!

When snorkeling, it is critical that you keep sun protection as a priority to avoid excessive UV damage to the skin. Our wetsuits offer excellent protection from the elements for when you’re out in the water, exploring Mettams Pool. Keep your arms and back protected from the sun with our 2mm neoprene that is 20% lighter than conventional neoprene!


    2.  ROTTNEST: Longreach Bay (East)

Just next door to the tourist hotspot snorkeling bay known as “The Basin”, you can find the less-known hidden gem: Longreach Bay. The eastern side of Longreach Bay sports very similar conditions, flora and fauna as the Basin, without the crowds. A charming combination of sea grass and rock reef fosters the perfect habitat for a wide variety of fish, mollusks and crustaceans. 

The bay looks out to the North and is thus the perfect sheltered snorkelling location, as it is well protected from the often strong south westerly wind, known locally as the “Freo Doctor”. 

Close to the town center of Rottnest, Longreach bay is less than a 2km walk from the ferry and thus is the perfect spot for a day trip, and a secluded snorkeling adventure.


    3.  SOUTH WEST: The Aquarium

Living up to its very promising name, the Aquarium is a sheltered lagoon nestled neatly between Canal Rocks and Smiths Beach. This locally loved snorkeling spot is well-protected from the waves and wind thanks to the expansive granite outcrops that surround it. Still and cool water gleams over many rock pools making up this lagoon, and the reef ranges in depth from 1 - 3 meters. 

A 1.3km trail (in fact, this trail is part of the renowned Cape to Cape track!) leads you to this hidden gem, from a gravel lookout that is found just before the descent into Canal Rocks. 

We recommend that you swing by Canal Rocks as well, while you’re in the area: it is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset!  

April 22, 2022 — Eliza Greene