So you’re headed to your favourite beach to enjoy the sun, check out the reef and catch sight of your local nemos. (If you’re looking for our favourite snorkelling spots around Perth, check out our top 3 spots here!

But what are your snorkelling essentials? We’ve compiled a list of our Snorkelling Beach Checklist, so that you’re ready for your next adventure! We know you’ll bring your snorkel set, but here are our other recommendations: 

  1. A Wetsuit

There is nothing like a blistering sunburn across your back to ruin the post-snorkel vibes! Protect your back and shoulders from the sun with a long sleeve wetsuit - ours are perfect for a sunny day out in the water! At GRNSTR, our wetsuits are made from a premium, buttery soft neoprene that is 2mm thick and that offers excellent sun protection.

  1. Sunscreen

See point #1 for our thoughts on sunburn - it’s never fun. Make sure to use a waterproof sunscreen and bring it along with you so that you can reapply every two hours. Sunscreen is certainly something you never regret and don’t forget to slip, slop, slap!

  1. A Cute Towel

Snorkelling is hard work: make sure you bring along your favourite towel so that you can warm up and relax after your swim! We love our Luxe Beach Towel and think it’s perfect for the job: the ombre panels and tassel hem details will elevate your post-swim look, while it’s quick drying design will keep you warm and cosy. 

  1. Baby Shampoo

Ok, this one may have caught you off-guard. However, baby shampoo is the perfect way to keep your goggles fog-free! No more spitting required: merely squeeze a small bead of baby shampoo onto your finger, spread it across the inside of your snorkel goggle lenses while they’re dry, then dunk your goggles into the water to rinse them lightly. We like baby shampoo best, because it’s less irritating for sensitive eyes!

  1. A Hair Tie

You’re heading to the beach to get your snorkel fix: not to get your hair stuck in your goggles. If you have medium to long hair, tying your hair up before putting on your goggles will keep you distraction free while in the water, and will help your goggles to stay in place. 

What are your snorkel essentials? Do you have any hot tips, or any recommendations that we should add to our list? We’d love to hear from you!

June 22, 2022 — Eliza Greene