1. Snorkelling - Migis

My favourite spot to snorkel at Gnaraloo is inside the outer reef at the surf spot Migis, just south of the infamous surf spot Tombstones. Migis is well-protected from the waves and so it’s the perfect playground in which to snorkel. Migis is a super family-friendly spot that is perfect for any level of snorkeller; you will not want to miss this spot! 

Teeming with sea-life, you can find turtles, cuttlefish, squid, fish, crayfish, and young black tip and white tip reef sharks. The best time to snorkel is from mid-morning to lunch-time when the sun is at its highest. The clarity of the water is incredible, and the coral and sea life are at their most vibrant in the direct sunlight.

Migis is outside of the sanctuary zone, so you’re able to catch your own fish. We love beach fishing and spearfishing: there is something so wholesome and humbling about catching your own dinner!

Another amazing spot to explore is Gnaraloo Bay, inside the sanctuary zone; an untouched sea paradise!


2. Surfing - Tombstones or Turtles

There are many amazing surf breaks along the Qobba station coastline; the waves are one of the biggest attractions for most of the campers. Located roughly 1km from the camp, Tombstones is one of the longest left-hand reef breaks we have in WA. 

The wave at Tombstone can vary from perfect for beginners to incredibly scary when the swell is large. While it is super fun when the swell is small, professional big wave surfers fly in from around the world to chase the swell when it’s big! This wave is by far one of my favourite waves to surf in the world. The water is warm, the wave is perfect.

When the swell gets too small for Tombstones, you can adventure around back south (by about 30 minutes!) to a surf break called Turtles. Here is a more barrel-like left-hander that is a faster wave than Tombstones. The reef is sharp in both spots so I always wear some sort of wetsuit over bikinis (of course I’m wearing this one!

There is a huge dune in front of Turtles which makes for the perfect lookout spot across the bay and all the way to Red Bluff, one of the most famous headlands in WA. Have a glass of wine and cheese and watch the surf roll in with the sunset; just make sure to “keep the scene clean”!


3. Camping - Three Mile Camp

Three Mile Camp is perfect for families! There are heaps of campsites, but I recommend camping close to the surf side or by the lagoon. There are cubicle toilets and showers in set spots around the campsite, and access to hot bore water showers at night: this makes the end to the day so much nicer! The shower/toilet blocks get cleaned daily so they are always kept in pristine condition.

There is a little shop above the camp which stocks limited items; think chocolate, chips, water, firewood, and icecreams. I suggest stocking up on your meats and food in Carnarvon, the closest town to Gnaraloo. While you're there, try a Bumbaks mango smoothie: they are so good!

We have an RV5 Plus deluxe tent, which is perfect for camping and super easy to set up. Our yearly getaway includes setting up camp in this paradise for a delicious two weeks. It is the best feeling to enjoy a glass of wine by the fire after a full day of activities in the saltwater. The lack of reception is a blessing in disguise: it is the best place to unwind and spend one-on-one time with loved ones, immersed in nature.

August 24, 2022 — Eliza Greene